Music is the mediator between the life of the senses and the life of the spirit.

- Beethoven



Concert 1

Choral:  “Wonderfully atmospheric music for Female, Male & Mixed Choir, with unusual accompaniment of Harp, four Horns and Piano.”


Orchestral:  “A concert featuring local talent in the charming Galant style.”



Concert 2 


Choral:  “The thrilling experience of Opera in concert. “


Orchestral:  “Exhuberant music of two original string sextets arranged for Orchestra.”


Concert 3


Choral:  “The younger sibling of The Creation is full of word painting musical devices that will delight young and old.”


Orchestral:  “Spanish passion and gypsy flare in this intense programme.”


Concert 4 


Choral:  “Christmas!!! Back to Messiah!!!”


Orchestral:  “The Apotheosis of Dance”- Wagner’s description of Beethoven’s Symphony No.7

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